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Gold Panther by Dr Vapes 60 ml


Dr-Vape Panther Series Gold 60 ml is a Unique texture of sweet lychees and huge explosion of fruitiness, the Gold Panther is a deliciously fruity take on tropical lychee e-liquid that is pure gold!

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The Panther Series of Dr-Vape is balanced and still dynamic, in order to fulfill your appetite for the Blue Slush finest taste. So hurry up limited stocks available visit our outlet or place your order online.

Raise your mod in the air if you love lychee and Exotic fruits. There’s really nothing like that bold fruit combined with ample amounts of sugar when you’re in need of a serious pick-me-up. Lychee with exotic fruits 60ml is what the palate has been yearning for, to put it simply. For this magnificent creation took the freshest fruit nectar in the orchard and turned it into a unforgettable taste of E-Juice that you’ll wanna keep in rotation for the rest of your vaping days. It’s just that good.

Once the vapor is inhaled, crisp, smooth Granny Smiths hit the spot. Subtle tartness comes next, elating the palate and invigorating all five senses. Then, pure juiciness runs down the throat, just like the real thing.

Nicotine Level

6MG, 12MG, 18MG


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