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Lush Ice by VGOD is a carefully crafted concoction of sweet candied watermelon touched by a hint of mentholated goodness that will lend cooling to the next all day vape.

The VGOD Lush Ice 60ml juice will be your new daily taste for summer. Every pull delights your taste with a refreshing and delicious watermelon juice. Do you long for hot watermelon pieces as soon as the weather starts to warm up? If the answer is yes, VGOD Tricklyfe in Liquid – Lush Ice vape

When inhaled, the VGOD Lush Ice 60ml juice makes the palate vibrate with those hot melon notes. You will soon feel refreshed by a few degrees as this refreshing fruit removes its deep flavor from the palate. Exhale is deliciously sweet, soothing your sweet tooth by cooling the taste of menthol that goes well with the fruit of a watermelon.

Enjoy a fresh taste of watermelon with a hint of liquid LushIce. Your taste buds and palate will delight above all the scent and exhalation of the watermelon flavor of Lush Ice. Each flavor from VGOD® is made with high quality ingredients, which ensures an extremely satisfying taste that you will never put down.


Nicotine Level

0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, 18MG


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